Let’s watch what God will do!

Ten years ago, my family moved to Hays County to start a new church to reach people who were far from God. We were confident that God gave us a vision to launch a church that would turn atheists into missionaries for the glory of God! Since then, that dream has become a beautiful reality. Now we’re reaching over 1200 people every week in our mission to connect people to a real relationship with God and others. As much as we’re celebrating what God has done during these ten years, we’re even more excited to imagine what we believe He will do in the next ten years. As we move forward through “The BIG 10” vision journey, I am humbled and honored to get to lead this unique church family. We have an incredible opportunity ahead of us. It’s the chance to know God more intimately, and see thousands of lives changed. This will be a blessing for all of us as we follow hard after God together.

Making the Connection,
Pastor Cole



The Connection Church started as a dream born in the heart of God. A dream of a new kind of church that...

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We see a church with a come-as-you-are culture where people are welcome and feel comfortable, no matter...

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In order for The Connection Church to take the next steps in realizing God’s Vision for us, we need...

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